Toy industry recruiter Toyjobs has filed suit in the Superior Court of New Jersey against A-Ha Toys, Inc. and its president Ivars Sondors.  The complaint lists breach of contract, unjust enrichment, fraud and various other allegations.

Toyjobs president Tom Keoughan stated “Every four or five years we have a situation where a company contracts with us to find employees for them and they tell us that they aren’t interested in any of our candidates. That is, of course, their prerogative.  The problem arises if they then go behind our backs and hire our candidates without telling us or compensating us for our services”.

Keoughan further states “I don’t know what people who do this are thinking.  We’re out in the toy marketplace every day and we are going to find out about it.  We are certainly going to demand payment and go about collecting it to the best of our ability.  Filing suit is a time consuming and potentially costly undertaking that Toyjobs would not pursue unless we were absolutely confident of our position.  In twenty-seven years of doing business, we have never lost a case of this type.”