This is the best little book on writing a resume that I have seen in my thirty-plus years in the recruiting business. It’s clear, it’s concise, it’s only forty pages and by the time you finish it you will have a top flight resume.

I know Carolyn Thompson personally and she is one sharp lady, but while any two highly experienced people are going to do many things in a similar way, there will usually be a few minor instances that each handles a bit differently.

I’ve put together a list of notes by chapter for Carolyn’s book. Many are things that are specific to the children’s product business. Some are additions – things that weren’t discussed in the book. A very few are disagreements where I recommend doing things differently.

So, read the book. Read my notes. Then put together your resume in the way that seems to make sense to you. Both ways are right and neither is wrong. That said, if you send your resume to me, I’m going to ask you to do it my way. I feel confident that if you send your resume to Carolyn, she will ask you to do it hers.

All the best,
Tom Keoughan

Ten Easy Steps to Perfect Resume